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Terms of Service

Hey, welcome to Coaching Institute! We're very pleased to have you joining us, and we intend to train you to become an amazing Life Coach and a great resource to everyone around you. The text below is here to clarify some of the terms and conditions that all students accept when joining a training program (a "Training") presented by the Coaching Institute (together referred to here as the “Institute"). These terms are designed to foster a positive, productive, and protective program for our students. In order to move forward and join, you must agree to the terms below, and by registering for a training, you confirm you agree to all of these terms. These terms may be unilaterally changed by the Institute from time to time, and you should check for updates in your Homeroom & Calendar part of your library. If we can help you with any questions, please feel free to reach us at [email protected].

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

Your Training is covered by an unconditional refund guarantee for thirty (30) days from date of your purchase. If you would like your refund for any reason, you must email [email protected] within 30 days of your purchase date to receive a hassle-free refund. Under no circumstances will refunds be granted after 30 days following the date of purchase.

If you would like to attend a major Training Event, whether live or online, such as Coaching Boot Camp, Retreat, or Coach Accelerator Workshop, within your first 30 days, this changes your refund period. You have a full day to evaluate Boot Camp (that's 8 hours of live event) or two full days to evaluate Coach Accelerator (that's 5 hours of live training) to make sure it's right for you. Refund requests must be submitted by 11:59pm the first day of attendance to Coaching Boot Camp or on the second day of Coach Accelerator.

Use of Training

While we permit you to use the Coaching Institute and/or Activation™ Method Coaching Models (or others, all dependent on your license) in your work with your individual coaching clients, we retain the ownership of our concepts, technologies and intellectual property for all other uses. We do provide our graduates with access to some of the materials on a contractual basis, but our models and content in the Programs represent a lifetime of development and the core of our business. This means you cannot use Coaching Institute or Activation™ Method Coaching materials in presentations, webinars, brochures, articles, books, corporate settings, public forums, or anything else without written permission in advance. When being licensed as a Group Coach, 21 Journeys® or Passion Patterns™ Presenter, Activation™ Method Retreat Leader, Activation™ Method Energy Coach or other specialty, your use of our information will be governed by a limited license then in effect at the time of your graduation from your Training. The limited license for each specialty is unique and found in your training room under the Details area. 

Student Participation

All student participation in the Training events, consultations, Zoom training rooms and teleclasses may be used by the Institute for educational or other purposes, and all student contributions and correspondence to the Institute whether written, spoken, or photographed, filmed, or emailed, becomes the property of the Institute. The Institute may edit, reproduce, or distribute part or all of any conversations, interventions, feedback, or emails at the sole discretion of the Institute. By purchasing your Training, you agree that we can photograph, video, or audio record Your voice and image(s), which recordings are owned by the Institute and can be used by us anywhere, anytime, and for any purpose. To opt out of this (that is, if you do not wish to be recorded), you must not “appear” during the programming (e.g., by activating voice, if by phone, or by turning on your video, if by video) and you assume any effects of this decision on your experience.

By purchasing a Training, you take full responsibility for having a computer, adequate internet connection, and a telephone (only if needed by you), and for dedicating any additional resources for starting and completing the Training - including time in your schedule and any energy or effort needed to study the materials. The Institute is not liable for your inability or failure to access or use the Training, and such access will not be the basis for refunding your tuition after the 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee period has expired.


We may offer bonuses at our discretion. These bonuses are intended as a supplement to the Training, which may be a live, online, and/or phone-based Training. Bonuses are not to be relied on as a substitute for the Training. Bonus training classrooms may have changes made during the course of your training or in the time after the live part of your training has ended. We will announce changes in your homeroom. However, it is your responsibility to keep up to date with the materials in your training classroom.


Accounts and online classrooms are assigned on an individual basis. The Training teleclasses are strictly and only for the registered student. Revealing any login or teleclass registration information to other individuals is a direct violation of these terms and your ensuing license agreement and may result in termination, suspension or revocation of member status. Access to the Institute's content by more than one individual also is a direct violation of these terms and that license. These unauthorized actions also constitute copyright violations.

Earnings Disclaimer

The Training is intended to help you build your coaching skills and may include information on how to build a coaching practice. 

Group Coach Leader Gold

 What you'll get:

  • Self-Evolution, Relationship and Communication, Emotional Wellness, and Energy and Spiritual AM Group Coach Courses with over 38 Group Session Plans. 
  • Certification in Opal Boot Camp Three Strategies 
  • Two Day live online Marketing Training on September 30th and October 1st
  • Learn to create your own original Group Coaching content
  • Live Weekly Online Mentorship Group Classes
  • Certification as a Activation™ Method Meditation Teacher 
  • Integrity Marketing™ Business-Building System
  • Your own Group Coach Leader Website that you can customize
  • Over 200 Meditation Sessions
  • Over 50 Coaching Demos and Workshops

Bonus: 21 Journeys™ Teacher Training with One Payment Tuition Plan

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